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Confident Justin Tuck: 'This Team Has A Lot Of Talent'

When he met with the media recently following Steve Smith’s departure for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants general manager Jerry Reese basically took the stance that winning the offseason does not necessarily translate into winning football games.

Justin Tuck, the team’s Pro Bowl defensive end and captain, is falling in line with the general manager.

“When have names won a game? So far Philly and everybody you guys are giving the championship to, they just have names. They haven’t played a game either. They still have to stay healthy. They still have to gel as a football team,” Tuck said. “So why are we not in the same pot as far as having that chance because every team has to go through the same thing as far as no OTA’s, coming in after seven months off and gelling. I don’t care if you put Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and everybody on the basketball team, if they are not gelling and playing as a basketball team, then they are susceptible to be beat.”

Tuck is still confident the Giants will be in the playoff hunt.

“I don’t see any reason why we can’t be in the mix just like every other team is. I can see where guys can say, this guy hasn’t proven himself or this situation is not what it was before or whatever,” Tuck said. “I know that this team has a lot of talent and do we have to go out and prove it, absolutely. Every other team has to as well.”