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Morning Coffee! Plaxico Burress, CC Sabathia, Ian Kennedy And More

Good morning, New York/New Jersey sports fans! Let's get our first look at the regional sports scene for today. And remember, no matter what things look like for your team they can't be be as bad as Tiger Woods' golf game is right now.

New York Jets Training Camp: Plaxico Burress Won't Play In Preseason Opener: Plaxico Burress is hurt, with an injured ankle, and won't play in the Jets preseason opener Monday night. Maybe New York Giants fans should be breathing a sigh of relief that Plax is wearing green and white. They are all too familiar with Plax being hurt and not practicing. Some things haven't changed.

Yankees Vs. Rays: Sabathia Serves Up Five Homers in 5-1 Loss: Remember that dominant run CC Sabathia was on not that long ago? Not anymore. He was battered by Boston in his last start, and Friday night served up five solo home runs in a 5-1 loss to Tampa Bay.

Mets Drop Third Straight 3-0 To D-Backs: The noteworthy thing about this game? The victory went to former Yankee first-round pick Ian Kennedy, and was his 15th of the season. He is 15-3, and at this rate is making the Yankees look foolish for trading him away. A few years back Kennedy, Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain were the big three youngsters who were supposed to lead the Yankees pitching staff into the future. The Yankees still have Hughes and Chamberlain, but right now Kennedy looks better than either of them.

Rutgers Football Preseason: Scarlet Knights Scrimmage Saturday: Rutgers' fans get their first live look at their 2011 team today.

Red Bulls Acquire Stephane Auvrey From Sporting Kansas City: New York, in the midst of a disappointing season thus far, is still shuffling its roster trying to find pieces that can help the team make a playoff run.