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Rex Ryan, Mike Francesa Go Toe-To-Toe On WFAN

Mike Francesa, the loudmouth WFAN sports radio talk show host, visited New York Jets camp Thursday. That means he got to talk to Rex Ryan, the Jets loudmouth coach. The result? Fireworks, of course.

Sports Radio Interviews has the complete transcript. We have some excerpts below:

Is all your trash talk real or is it more show business to sell tickets? Is it put on?

“I think it is definitely real, but is there motives behind some of the things I do? Maybe a little bit [of show business]. Especially to stir it up a little bit against some people.”

Do you ever think that you put your team in a precarious position by the things you say? Are you going to stay in the prediction business?

“Well I look at it this way, we have one goal. One goal from the day I walked in here and that’s to win a Super Bowl. I never came here to go to the AFC Championship Game. That’s part of it. That’s great. [Mike Francesa: That’s gotta be everyone’s goal?] That’s why I don’t understand why I’m so different than everyone else. Maybe it’s because I do say it. Now look after we win it you don’t have to put me in that god category.”

See you didn’t even win the Super Bowl yet. Sometimes I think that you think you have won a Super Bowl already here with the things you say?

“Absolutely. I know I didn’t. I’ve won it in the past. The fact that my family has won five of them. I know what it looks like. That’s why I think we have the goods to do it. Nobody is going to convince me otherwise until they say ‘hey you guys don’t play this week because you are out of the playoffs or whatever.’ But to me we are going for it. It’s the only goal we have and I just want our guys to envision…you know what because they know I am speaking from the heart and I’m telling you what I believe to be the truth. Is it the truth? We are going to find out. The great thing is I can’t wait because we get to prove it on the field and we’ll see who’s right.”

Listen to the complete interview