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New York Giants React To Steve Smith's Departure

Stung New York Giants fans are still digesting the news that former Giants wide receiver Steve Smith has bolted for the Philadelphia Eagles. More than that, though, what is really important is how the Giants are taking the news.

Coach Tom Coughlin is angry, saying that the Giants did not get a chance to match the offer Smith accepted from Philadelphia — one year, $4.2 million, with $2 million guaranteed.

“We thought he’d be a Giant all the way,” Coughlin said. “Our people had pursued an offer and tried to get this done a long time ago, to be honest with you, but nothing ever came forth from their people. We were constantly told that if and when the market did develop that we would be included in what was going on. … We were never brought into the discussion and we were told we were going to.”

Running back Brandon Jacobs understood Smith’s decision.

“Players go where the most money is,” Jacobs said. “Guys don’t just play this game just because of the love of the game of football, they also play it to be well compensated and that’s what the Eagles did with Steve. They compensated him better than anyone else in the league can.”

Justin Tuck also referred to the “business aspect” of the NFL.

Steve has been a big part of our success here but again the business aspect of this game comes back to bite you sometimes," Tuck said. “I’m excited for the guys that we do have here. Disappointed, he did what he had to do and what was best for him and I congratulate him for having that opportunity.”