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Plaxico Burress Says He Is 'Overjoyed' To Be Playing Football Again

Plaxico Burress joined the Michael Kay Show on ESPN Radio New York earlier this week to talk about his comeback to the NFL. Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript, and here are some excerpts:

How he feels to be back playing football:

“It’s just an overjoyed feeling everyday being able to come out here and get back to playing football, something that I love to do. I’m just rededicating myself and I’m recommitted to just come out here, work hard every day, and just having the opportunity to be able to come out and play in this league everyday it’s more of an honor. I’m just happy to be here.”

Whether or not he ever lost hope:

“No. Never. (Host: That drove you?) Of course. I had a lot of support from fans all around the world. Japan, Thailand, and places that you wouldn’t even know people knew who you were and had a lot of love out there. They were definitely some of the people that kept me motivated to getting back to playing in this league and I knew that one day if I just kept in pretty good shape and kept working hard that I would be able to play again.”

Whether or not the Jets are a Super Bowl contender:

“It’s one of the reasons I came here. I’ve sat here and watched this team come through the ranks over the past few years with the level they’re playing at and get to the Championship two years in a row and not being able to get over that hump. I understand the mentality is every day you come into the building is to win a championship, nothing less. I love it, it’s contagious, guys are buying into it, and guys are working hard to get to that point. I just hope that I’m the piece to the puzzle that can get these guys over the hump. Not just to get there but to win a world championship. We have everything intact, it’s just about us going out and executing and playing hard-nosed football.”

Without doubt, if Burress can be anything close to what he was with the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers he can be a weapon. Right now, though, nobody knows for sure what tyope of player Burress will be.