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Alex Rodriguez Has Torn Meniscus

Well, now those rumors that the New York Yankees have been inquiring about Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez make more sense. Star third baseman Alex Rodriguez is out of today’s lineup against Tampa Bay due to a slightly torn meniscus in his right knee and could miss a month if he opts for surgery.

Rodriguez has already withdrawn from the All-Star Game. According to reports, the team and Rodriguez have not yet decided whether A-Rod will have the surgery now or try to play through the injury and have the operation after the season.

Rodriguez is hitting .295 with 52 RBI in 80 games, but has just 13 home runs. He has hit 30 homers for 13 straight seasons, but would fall short of that at his current pace. Perhaps the knee injury helps explain why.

A report recently came out of Chicago that the Yankees might be interested in either Ramirez or power-hitting outfielder Alfonso Soriano. If they are going to be without Rodriguez for an extended time, a move for a hitter would be understandable.