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Poll: Do You Prefer Local Training Camps?

The New York Giants announced today they will have their training camp at the Meadowlands facility in East Rutherford, New Jersey instead of in Albany. Only a few weeks ago, the New York Jets made the same decision by moving their camp from Cortland to their local Florham Park facilities. These type of moves were expected with the lockout, which is now dragging dangerously close to the planned start of training camp.

Are you happy with the local teams holding camp closer to the stadium? Will you now make the presumably shorter trip to either East Rutherford or Florham Park to watch practice? I don't want to discriminate against our upstate New York fans, but I am guessing the commute just got substantially easier for the majority of Giants and Jets fans to see training camp in person.

Leave your votes below, if you are happy with the moving of camp to suburban North Jersey or if you would rather your team stayed in upstate New York.