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Mets Injuries: Reyes To Get Second Opinion, Wright Still Weeks Away, Santana Far Off

A day isn't complete in the life of the New York Mets without discussing injury news. Beyond discussing the Mets' plans for the trade deadline, general manager Sandy Alderson also discussed the current health of some of New York's best players currently on the shelf.

Alderson revealed that Reyes, who is sidelined with a Grade 1 strain of his left hamstring, will get a second opinion/MRI, which was requested by his agents. The shortstop is still not running, and the Mets will not let him do so until the second doctor, Daniel E. Cooper, says that it's allowed. Cooper is the doctor who performed hamstring tendon surgery on Reyes' right leg back in October 2009.

"Based on what we have right now, I don't see him playing in the next day or two," Alderson said as quoted by Adam Rubin of ESPN NY.

There's no word on whether Reyes will be placed on the disabled list, but the inkling is that if the second doctor says he believes Reyes could play in the series after the All-Star break, the Mets won't DL him. Putting him on the DL would mean he'd miss a potentially pivotal series with Philadelphia.

And obviously the All-Star break would give Reyes an opportunity to rest:

"Look, if he doesn't play for us over the next four days, having those three extra days of rest would be valuable. ... I think we owe it to him to wait as long as we can on participating in the All-Star Game."

Alderson also revealed that David Wright will not be ready for the series against the Phillies because he isn't ready to participate in rehab games quite yet. 

Collins also said during the day that he was planning to skip the All-Star break trip to Port St. Lucie (where Wright would play): "I can watch him catch groundballs any time."

Despite the slower-than-expected recovery from a stress fracture in his back for Wright, Santana seems to be one with whom the GM is tampering expectations, and Mets fans should probably not expect much until maybe the last month of the season.

"I think we look at Johan more as someone who should pitch this year if he can -- not with a view toward winning a pennant for the New York Mets, but in terms of his progression going into 2012," Alderson said.