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NHL Free Agency 2011: Time For Bargain Shopping To Begin

The early 2011 NHL free-agent frenzy is over. Brad Richards has signed a mega-deal with the New York Rangers, and many of the other big-name players are off the market. There are still, however, dozens of players available. has an excellent breakdown today of the players still on the market, and why they may or may not be of interest to your favorite NHL team.

The New York Islanders have signed only Marty Reasoner, and Lighthouse Hockey has lots of information on that.

Over at Blueshirt Banter, head honcho Joe Fortunato thinks the Richards signing is a good one. One of his contributors, however, points out that there could be a down side.

In Lou We Trust has plenty of reaction to the New Jersey Devils re-signing Johan Hedberg, as well as other free agency news.

So, the main frenzy has receded into the background. As summer rolls on, though, NHL teams will remain busy scouring the remaining talent pool for useful pieces.