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Brad Smith Signs With Bills

Not many people expected Brad Smith back with the New York Jets in 2011 and they turned out to be right. While they were waiting to see how the Nnamdi Asomugha situation shakes out, all-purpose wide receiver Smith signed with the division rival Buffalo Bills to a 4 year, 15 million dollar deal. He should provide a good weapon to a young offense. The Jets simply didn't have the money to throw at Smith after paying Santonio Holmes and still having the need to fill their cornerback position. Thus, the Jets are now in need of a new kick returner.

In other news, the Jets are apparently going to let punter Steve Weatherford walk. The favorite to replace him will be TJ Conley, who has been with the team in camp the past two years. LaDainian Tomlinson has also agreed to take a pay cut this year to help in their pursuit of Asomugha.