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NFL Free Agency Rumors: Jets Look For Huge Day Two

If you have been following the work of Mike Tannenbaum since he has taken over as the New York Jets General Manager, you know he isn't shy about swinging for the fences. This season appears to be no different.

  • Michael Lombardi of the NFL Network has reported the Nnamdi Asomugha to the New York Jets talk is "very serious." We already know the Jets reached out to his camp last night about forming the best cornerback tandem in recent NFL history with Darrelle Revis. Can Mike Tannenbaum pull it off?
  • The Washington Redskins have resigned receiver Santana Moss and also recently signed receiver Donte Stallworth, which should indicate they will have less money/desire to throw a huge contract at Santonio Holmes. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting the Jets will try to close a deal with Holmes today, after being the first team to offer him a contract yesterday.

The rest of the guys:

  • Wide receiver Brad Smith is expected to sign with the Chicago Bears.
  • The Jets are pushing hard to bring safety Eric Smith back.
  • Cornerback Drew Coleman is expected to leave via free agency.