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Giants, Jets Players Tweet Reactions To End Of NFL Lockout

Via the wonders of Twitter, we can see how players around the NFL are reacting to the end of the NFL Lockout by just sitting at our computers and scrolling. Several New York Giants and New York Jets have already tweeted their reactions. Here is a sampling:

Terrell Thomas of the Giants: Football is back, let's go baby, #NYG to the super bowl

Joe Burnett of the Giants: Thank You Lord #Lockout is Lifted

Joe Burnett, again: Im so excited! It feels good to know we can finally enter the building agian and become great as a team #NYGiants #NFLockout

Jim Leonhard of the Jets: Finally allowed to play football again. I've been waiting for this since December 3rd. Go Jets!!

Braylon Edwards of the Jets: Good Morning #Team17 were back in business #LockoutIsOver now let's find out where we're playing! What team do u wanna see me with?