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Owners Vote 31-0 To Pass New CBA

On Thursday night the owners voted 31-0 to pass the new collective bargaining agreement, and even announced they had an agreement to end the lockout. “It’s time to get back to football. That’s what everybody here wants to do,” said commissioner Roger Goodell. But not so fast, as the players were not happy with what the owners voted on. Washington Redskins linebacker Vonnie Holliday tweeted: “The truth of the matter is we got tricked, duped, led astray, hoodwinked [and] bamboozled!”

After the hope and promise of the past week, now what happens? The ball is in the players court. They could ultimately agree to what the owners passed or drag this out even longer. With everybody already looking forward to free agency and the opening of training camp, as early as next week, it would be more than a shame if this wasn’t wrapped up soon. As always, the fans are the losers here.