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Morning Coffee! New York Mets Edition

Good morning, New York/New Jersey sports fans! George Steinbrenner would be ticked off today, because it seems like the New York Mets have trumped both the New York Yankees and the MLB All-Star Game when it comes to grabbing the back page of the New York City tabloids. Let's see why.

Mets Trade Francisco Rodriguez To Brewers: It was inevitable that K-Rod and his $17.5-million bonus for finishing games would get moved by the Mets. Stunning, though, that it happened so far before the MLB trade deadline. And during the All-Star Game. This was a move Mets GM Sandy Alderson had to make.

Mets Trade Rumors: Brian Wilson Says Giants Are In Talks To Acquire Carlos Beltran: Is The Beard all-knowing? Wilson, the Giants closer with the best beard in sports, says his team is chasing the Mets All-Star outfielder. And he is happy about it. His reaction? "Come on over, pal." The Giants make a lot of sense for Beltran. The defending champions are still pitching rich, and without catcher Buster Posey, more offensively-challenged than ever. Beltran is better than any hitter San Francisco has, and he is another guy Alderson really has to move before the trade deadline.

All-Star Game 2011: New York Contingent Has No Impact On 5-1 NL Victory: The National League won for the second straight year, the key blow being a three-run home run by Prince Fielder. Did anyone else get the idea that NL manager Bruce Bochy was serious about winning the game, while AL manager Ron Washington really didn't seem to care?

Knicks' Star Amar'e Stoudemire Opens Door To Playing Overseas During NBA Lockout: A few days after saying he would play overseas during the NBA Lockout, Stoudemire has opened the door to possibly doing just that.

New York Mets: First-Half Review: Better than expected, but changes are coming. The Rodriguez trade, in fact, shows that they have already started.

Antrel Rolle Ready For Some Football: Pro Bowl safety says 'sky is the limit' for New York Giants.