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All-Star Game At Mets' Citi Field In 2013? Whither The Home Run Derby

The All-Star Game at Citi Field, home of the New York Mets? Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig said today “chances look pretty good” that the Mets will get to host the 2013 All-Star Game.

Good deal. There is no place like New York for big events, and the Mets swanky new ballpark deserves the opportunity to host baseball Midsummer Classic.

I just have one request. If the game is at Citi Field can we at least get the Home Run Derby moved across town to Yankee Stadium? There are plenty of moonshots in the Derby, as we saw Monday night, but that is precisely what it will take to get the ball out of Citi Field. The cavernous ballpark has proven to be death to home run hitters. Yankee Stadium on the other hand, is a veritable launching pad. Sorry, Mets fans, but the Derby would be a lot more fun at the ballpark in the Bronx.

According to Hit Tracker, an average of 2.37 home runs per game have been at Yankee Stadium in 2011. Citi Field has surrendered only 1.39 per game.

Here are Citi Field’s dimensions:
-- Left Field 335 feet
- Left Center 379 feet
-- Right Center 383 feet
-- Right Field 330 feet