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Yankees' Robinson Cano Is 2011 Home Run Derby Champion

Robinson Cano turned out to be a pretty good choice for the 2011 Home Run Derby after all. Cano, the New York Yankees second baseman, won the Derby with a record-setting final-round performance, smashing 12 home runs to defeat Boston’s Adrian Gonzalez.

Cano and Gonzalez each totaled 20 home runs in the first two rounds. Gonzalez, hitting before Cano in the finals, put up 11 final-round homers, tying the previous final round record. Cano then obliterated the mark, winning while he still had four outs to go.

Cano was a somewhat surprising choice for the Derby by American League captain David Ortiz. He has never hit 30 home runs in a season. Cano, though, put on a great display.

With his father, Jose, pitching to him Cano hit eight first-round home runs and 12 in the second round. When Cano hit his 11th final round homer he got a hug from his father. The former big-league pitcher said "uno mas" and Cano responded with "I love you, dad."

After the winning home run, he leaped into his father’s arms.