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2011 Home Run Derby Preview: Explaining The New Rules

The 2011 All-Star Home Run Derby will be held Monday night. You may have heard by now that there is a new twist to this year’s competition, with each league being represented by four-man teams chosen by captains David Ortiz (American League) and Prince Fielder (National League). So, what is the deal with the new rules, anyway.

Well, the Home Run Derby will work like this. The eight hitters will still compete individually, getting 10 outs per round. After two rounds the competition will be down to a par of finalists. In the finals, cumulative homers do not carry over.

The twist is the team competition. Each league will have four representatives and the league which ends up with the most cumulative home runs will win. Donations to charity will be made on behalf of both teams

AL Home Run Derby Roster

David Ortiz, Boston, 19 home runs
Jose Bautista, Toronto, 31 home runs
Adrian Gonzalez, Boston, 17 home runs
Robinson Cano, Yankees, 15 home runs

NL Home Run Derby Roster

Prince Fielder, Milwaukee, 22 home runs
Matt Holliday, St. Louis, 14 home runs
Matt Kemp, LA Dodgers, 22 home runs
Rickie Weeks, Milwaukee, 17 home runs