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Morning Coffee! Belmont Stakes, Yankees-Red Sox, MLB Draft, Stanley Cup Finals

Good morning, New York/New Jersey sports fans! Let's see what's happening on another scorching morning here in New York.

Belmont Stakes 2011: Animal Kingdom 2-1 Morning Line Favorite: Kentucky Derby winner Animal Kingdom is your favorite for Saturday's Belmont. Oh, and we have a little trash talk going on between the Animal Kingdom's camp and that of Preakness winner Shackleford. Good stuff.

Red Sox Vs. Yankees: Boston Takes Second Straight, 11-6: Maybe the Yankees should just forfeit the rest of their games to Boston. The teams have played times and the Red Sox have won seven.

Brewers 7, Mets 6: Bullpen Coughs Up Lead, Gives Up Five Earned Runs In Two Innings: The Met bullpen could not hold a 6-2 lead and the Mets shot at a four-game winning streak went down the drain.

The Greatest New York Jet Of All-Time?: Joe Namath? Curtis Martin? You decide.

2011 MLB Draft: Yankees Emphasize Pitching: The Yankees went a little pitching crazy in the draft, selecting 35 pitchers with their 50 picks.

MLB Draft 2011, Mets Selections: Draft Reaction: It looks like the Mets took a long-range approach here and did not go for the quick fix -- and that is probably a good thing.

Stanley Cup Finals, Game 4: Bruins Even Series After 4-0 Win: All I can say is if you don't root for Vancouver you have to love watching Boston goaltender Tim Thomas. Checking people. Chopping them with his stick. Trading punches with Vancouver players. Awesome! Crazy, but awesome.