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Lenny Dykstra Charged With Drug Possession, Grand Theft Auto

The troubles for former New York Met Lenny Dykstra continued on Monday when he was charged with drug possession and grand theft auto. 

All told, the '86 Met was charged with 25 misdemeanor and felony counts that could lead to 12 years in prison.

Along with two other men, Dykstra reportedly attempted to lease luxury cars by claiming credit through a phony business with fake information.  While they were not successful in their first two attempts, a third dealer allowed the men to take the cars off the lot.

According to the statement from the district attorney's office, when Dykstra was arrested on April 14, cocaine, ecstasy and HGH were all found, leading to the drug charges.  The other two men will not be charged with drug possession.

Dykstra, seemingly not fully understanding the charge, told The Daily News he would be exonerated.

"Of course I'm not guilty, The car got stolen alright - stolen by them.  I don't have it anymore.  It's gone like my computer, my phone, my clothes."

Last month, Dykstra was indicted on federal bankruptcy charges including fraud, obstruction of justice and embezzlement.