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Full Team Workout On The Way For Jets?

In an interview yesterday, quarterback Mark Sanchez discussed the possibility of organizing a full team lockout if the lockout continues to carry on:

"We want to see what's going to happen with this hearing tomorrow and see what kind of ruling they're thinking about. A ruling could come in the next week to three weeks — who knows? — so we wanted to be cognizant of that and see where that's going to take us before we plan something and have to cancel a bunch of flights."

Sanchez estimated that he would expect over 50 player to show up to these workouts if they occurred. It would be interesting to see where they would be held, with somewhere in North Jersey near Florham Park being the most likely location.

New England is currently having full team workouts with roughly 40 players in attendance. The Patriots are attempting to be much more secretive and deny any type of media access. Clearly, they don't want to lose a competitive edge as their secrecy paid off well when they faced the Jets in the playoffs last year.