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MLB Notebook 6.27.11: Los Angeles Dodgers File For Bankruptcy, Davey Johnson Returns, A Huge Contract For Pujols

This Monday's MLB Notebook begins with bad news from the West Coast, as the Los Angeles Dodgers, who are owned by Frank McCourt, officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in the state of Delaware. Of course, McCourt isn't taking any blame for the Dodgers new issue. In fact, McCourt is blaming Major League Baseball and Commissioner Bud Selig.

"We brought the commissioner a media rights deal that would have solved the cash flow challenge I presented to him a year ago...Yet he's turned his back on the Dodgers, treated us differently, and forced us to the point we find ourselves in today."

In April, MLB took over day-to-day control of the Dodgers because of financial difficulties. Since then, McCourt has been attacking MLB and Selig. So, it's not surprising that McCourt is taking no blame.

Now, the most interesting aspect of the bankruptcy filing is the list of creditors that the Dodgers owe back pay to:

"Among the 40 largest unsecured claims listed in the bankruptcy filing are former Dodger slugger Manny Ramirez at nearly $21 million; Andruw Jones at $11 million; pitcher Hiroki Kuroda at $4.4 million; and the Chicago White Sox at $3.5 million."

However, the worst person on the list is legendary play-by-play announcer Vin Scully, who is owed $120.000.

"What seems clear is that Frank McCourt has made an absolute mess of what was once one of the crown jewels of baseball franchises (the Dodgers may be headed for a last-place finish just two years after posting the best record in the NL; it would be their first such finish in 19 years)," wrote SB Nation's Al Yellon on Monday," and commissioner Bud Selig isn't happy about this."

For old-fashioned New York sports fans, who lived and breathed Brooklyn Dodgers baseball -- which moved to LA in 1958 -- this must be tough to stomach. It's especially tough for LA fans who would like to see McCourt removed from the team -- the bankruptcy process protects McCourt and helps him retain ownership.

I know, I just want to see this issue solved quickly and for McCourt to be removed from baseball. But, it seems that it wont happen for awhile.

Other baseball news...

Davey Johnson makes managerial return: Just last week, 80-year old Jack McKeon was hired to be the interim manager of the Florida Marlins. On Monday, Davey Johnson will manage a MLB team for the first time in almost a decade.

Johnson, who last worked for the Dodgers in 2000, will manage the Washington Nationals for the remainder of the season. Currently, the Nationals have won 13 of 15 games and sit in third place in the NL East standings.

Weekly Nugget No. 1: On Monday,'s baseball writer Jon Heyman posted a notebook that focused on the predicted salaries of Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder and Jose Reyes. One of the agents that Heyman talked to predicted that Pujols will get a $300-million contract during the offseason. Reyes' predicted contract was $150 million for seven, while Fielder's highest contract was $175 million for seven.

That's a lot of money.

Weekly Nugget No. 2: Over the weekend, I played in the local club championship and won the Handicap Division with a score of 7-under par. On Saturday, I shot the round of my life posting a 42-43-85 (+13), then Sunday I shot 43-47-90 (+18). My 19 handicap helped me shoot 7-under par for two days. My fiance is already sick of me talking about it.

For the record: The winner of the scratch division was a seventh grader, who finished 3-over par (no handicap) for two rounds.

Weekly Nugget No. 3: Since placing captain and shortstop Derek Jeter on the disabled list, the New York Yankees are 8-3. That solid, 11-game stretch has helped the Yankees reclaim first place in the AL East standings. Currently, the Boston Red Sox sit just a half game back, while the Tampa Bay Rays sit two games back.

Weekly Video Clip: Finally, here's a video clip that may get the toughest men to shed a tear. In this video, Billy Ray Cyrus (yeah, the "Achey Breaky Heart" guy) sings the national anthem, then introduces Erica Brown, who throws out the first pitch. The rest is just a sappy-mash of goodness.

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