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2011 NHL Draft: Devils Snag Adam Larsson Fourth Overall

Lou Lamoriello practically ran to the podium when he realized that Adam Larsson would be on the board when his New Jersey Devils were picking. The player some expected to go first overall somehow fell into the Devils laps at the four slot, and New Jersey may have just found it's newest franchise defender because of it. 

There is some though that Larsson might be able to make an immediate impact in the NHL, and the Devils will certainly look into that in their prospects camp this off-season. But at worst, the Devils have acquired a kid who will be patrolling their blue line for years to come. 

The Devils won the lottery this season, but could only move up to the fourth spot. At the time I am sure there was disappointment, now there must be nothing but glee. We'll keep an eye on Larsson and where he ends up moving around in the Devils' organization here.