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Report: Flyers To Host Rangers In 2012 Winter Classic

File this in the "official but still sort of unofficial" category. According to multiple reports the New York Rangers will travel to Philadelphia to play the Flyers in the 2012 Winter Classic.

According to multiple reports the NHL will make the announcement official when the schedule is released next week.

This also means that the Rangers and Flyers will appear in HBO's 24/7. The all-access television show, which was a hit last season, will return as well. It should be interesting to see the Rangers, who made a brief appearance in last season's 24/7, on a daily basis. While the NHL and HBO have not come to an agreement yet, it is expected they will.

Here is what Andrew Gross has to say on the Rangers busy schedule early on:

In all, this is going to be a pretty crazy/taxing first few months of the season for the Rangers, who will end their preseason schedule in Europe, play their first two regular-season games in Sweden then essentially be on the road for the rest of October as this year's renovation work at Madison Square Garden is concluded. Then will come the cameras and scrutiny of 24/7.

So, one of two things will happen. Either the strong team bonding that seems like it will naturally happen because of the long time the team will spend on the road together will provide a great foundation for the rest of the season or all the early, heavy travel and then the outside distractions will chip away at the team as the long NHL season progresses.

We will just have to wait and see. More when we know it.