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Lack Of Elite Talent Should Make For Eventful NBA Draft

A weak draft class could lead to more trades than usual, will the Knicks jump into the action?

There isn't much debate about the lack of overall depth and talent in this year's NBA Draft class. However, that doesn't mean Thursday won't be an eventful night. If anything, it could lead to more trades and movement than usual as teams try to shuffle around in an attempt to grab the best value possible. At least one of the local teams, the New York Knicks, who have the 17th overall selection couldbe a large part of that activity. The chatter around the New Jersey Nets has been quiet and they are expected to stay put with their 27th overall pick.

Trade rumors have been heating up in the past couple of days. We have already heard talk about the Knicks potentially being interested in Jonny Flynn and Steve Nash and now it is sounding like Tony Parker is also being shopped around. There has also been incessant speculation about them trading up for Jimmer Fredette, even though the last thing the Knicks need is another defensive liability. If the Knicks decide to stay put at 17 and not pull the trigger on one of the veteran point guards, a wide range options are available to them.

Ideally, the Knicks would like to grab Washington State's Klay Thompson or Flordia State's Chris Singleton but if they are off the board, Josh Selby from Kansas and Alec Burks from Colorado are both reasonable options.

Outside of the local teams, you can never predict what David Kahn will do so don't be shocked to see the number two overall selection that Minnesota holds potentially go a number of directions. There is talk they are now considering Enes Kanter withthe pick, which could have a ripple effect all the way through the lottery. They are also reportedly exploring multiple trade options.

Even though they already possess the number 1 and number 4 pick, don't be surprised to see Cleveland also attempt to acquire another pick later in the first round. This is a team desperate to quickly add young talent and they need help at every position. It sounds like they have settled on Kyrie Irving at number 1 and will look to add some size with the 4th pick.

Former Knicks point guard Raymond Felton is rumored to be on the market and there is talk the Sacramento Kings could be interested in moving the number 7 pick in a deal that involves him.

Overall, the lack of consensus on many of this year's top players is likely going to lead to a chaotic first round. The NBA Draft is never going top the NFL Draft in popularity but despite the lack of elite talent this year, it should provide quality entertainment tomorrow night.