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NFL Lockout 2011: Owners' Meetings Could Be Most Important Pajama Party Ever

If you are an NFL fan you might consider the NFL owners’ meetings Tuesday and Wednesday in Chicago the most important pajama party ever held. Prior to the meetings, which begin Tuesday morning, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had reportedly told owners to be prepared to stay late into the evening on Tuesday if necessary.

The primary topic of discussion for the owners the next two days will, of course, be the current state of negotiations with players for a new collective bargaining agreement.

In previewing the meetings, The Washington Post indicated that a deal with the players could get done within the next few weeks if owners can come out of Chicago with a unified front.

“If everyone emerges from this meeting on the same page in support of the deal, then you should see it get done,” said one person who is not involved in the talks but has knowledge of the details under deliberation.

A labor deal would have to be ratified by at 24 of the 32 NFL owners.

What is really amazing to me is that at this late date there still isn’t general agreement among the ownership group as to what it is they want from the negotiations with players. Let’s hope something positive comes from the next couple of days and we can get back to football.