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Violence Erupts In Vancouver After Canucks' Loss: Why Do We Do This?

I suppose this should have been expected. Angry Vancouver Canucks fans erupted violently Wednesday night following their team's 4-0 loss to the Boston Bruins in Game 7 of the 2011 NHL Stanley Cup Finals.

Videos showed windows being smashed, fires being set and automobiles being overturned. At least there have been no reports of injuries.

As a personal commentary, I have never understood this kind of behavior following a sporting event. Over the years we have seen it by fans venting their frustrations after losing a title game. We have even seen it from fans 'celebrating' a championship. Does anyone guarantee that, had Boston lose Game 7, we would not be writing this morning about violence in Boston? No, and I find that that sad.

Canucks players, team and city officials are, of course, embarrassed by the violent display.

"It's terrible," Canucks captain Henrik Sedin said, shaking his head. "This city and province has a lot to be proud of, the team we have and the guys we have in here. It's too bad."

What is the point of all of this violence? Most likely, people involved in the nonsense you see in the clip below will see this at some point and be ashamed of their own actions.

This is sports, people. It is not life and death, until crazed rioters turn it into something dangerous, as they did Wednesday night. It is OK to celebrate winning. It is also OK to be disappointed by losing.

It is never OK, however, to show your feelings by turning violent and destructive. It is not only citizens and officials of Vancouver who should be disappointed by this -- we all should. And we all know that this is not the first, or last, time we will see pointless destructive rampages like this following sporting events.

Question is, why?

Ice Hockey fans riot in Vancouver as the Canucks lose Stanley Cup against Boston Bruins (via telegraphtv)