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NFL Lockout Ruling Should Come Soon

The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals could rule today, Tuesday or even later this week on whether or not the NFL Lockout can and will stay in place while the NFL files an appeal of Judge Susan Nelson's ruling lifting it. A long-term stay would leave the lockout in place until at least early June, when the Court of Appeals will hear arguments as to whether or not the lockout should remain in place until a labor settlement is reached.

In breaking down the possible scenarios and reasons for each, Andrew Brandt has come away thinking that the Court of Appeals will rule in the NFL's favor, leaving the lockout in place until at least the June 3 hearing.

He writes, in part:

The fact that the Court issued a temporary stay immediately and now has waited ten days -- and counting -- would indicate that they may not see Players having immediate and irreparable harm. And the expedited appeal schedule allows for time for this entire drama to be settled prior to the start of any actual football games.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk wrote Sunday that the league might simply close its doors completely, more or less going out of business, if it loses this ruling. Per Florio, the league feels it would not be violating a court order because there would be no league, thus there would be no lockout.