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Nets' GM Billy King Talks 2011 NBA Draft At Scouting Combine Event

New Jersey Nets General Manager Billy King spoke to reporters briefly Sunday during the NBA Draft scouting combine event held at the PNY Center. The event was held in conjunction with the New York Knicks and Houston Rockets.

King discussed the importance of events like the one hosted Saturday and Sunday at the PNY Center.

"You're emphasizing more pro situations than they do in college," King said. "This is part of the process. You use their college season, you use workouts like this, you use their testing from Chicago pre-draft camp, you use your individual workout, you use your background check, you use psych testing and then you make a decision.

"This is just part of the process we use to gather information."

The Nets don't draft until the 27th pick of the first round despite winning just 24 games in 2010-2011, more than just four NBA teams.

"Generally when you are picking down there you are going to get guys that are four-year guys who are more ready to come in and play, maybe not as starters but a piece of the puzzle," King said. "Sometimes you can get guys late in the first that people just overlook. ... Tony Parker was 29, [Manu] Ginobli was late in the second.

"You've gotta do your work, gather information and try to make the right decision."