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Tigers Vs. Yankees: Jeter And Alex Rodriguez Both Out Of The Lineup This Afternoon

The New York Yankees will face the Detroit Tigers this afternoon in a game that starts shortly after 1 p.m. They will send A.J. Burnett to the mound, and he will be opposed by Detroit's Rick Porcello.

The big story from this game is that New York's biggest stars (even if they aren't the best players) Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez will both be out of the lineup for the bombers. Jeter was forced out of the game last night with a hip issue, but he contends that it is not effecting him, and manager Joe Girardi insists that he was planning to give Jeter the day off today even before the hip issue came up last night.

Rodriguez is also insisting that he is healthy, but he has only gone five for his last 40, so there might be something ailing him mentally, if there is nothing bothering him physically.

Players get days off all the time, but when you pay these guys so much money and there appears to be nothing wrong, putting them on the bench at the same time becomes a big story. Welcome to the New York media market.

We'll be following this game live in this StoryStream, but you can check out our Yankees blog Pinstripe Alley for more on the Yankees.