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Here Come The Jose Reyes Trade Rumors

It has been assumed since Sandy Alderson took over as New York Mets GM and the team ran into serious financial difficulties that free agent to be shortstop Jose Reyes would be a candidate to be traded. I'm not sure anyone expected it to happen the first week of May, but that's exactly what is going on.

According to, the defending champion San Francisco Giants have already had internal discussions about trading for the Mets leadoff hitter.

The Giants are currently dealing with nothing but trouble on the left side of the infield, with starting third baseman Pablo Sandoval out due to a fractured bone in his hand. The injury has forced veteran Miguel Tejada to move his poor defense and lack of offense to third, with Mike Fontenot moving up from the bench to start at short.

Beyond the need for San Francisco, the two sides are said to be a match because New York will not demand a member of the Giants starting rotation. Instead of asking for major league talent, the Mets reportedly will simply want high-level prospects in return for Reyes as well as Carlos Beltran and David Wright if they decide to shop them as well.

As for Mets fans, the best thing they can do is get used to two and a half months of speculation about where Reyes -- and most of the roster -- will be after the July 31st trade deadline because this is just the beginning.