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Jets' Coach Rex Ryan Grilled On 'The Colbert Report'

New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan is making the media rounds to promote his new book 'Play It Like You Mean It.' Tuesday night he appeared on The Colbert Report. As you might expect, this was not the typical Rex Ryan sports interview.


Not being familiar with The Colbert Report I can only describe the six minutes Ryan spent on the show as 'bizarre.' Questions about the Royal Wedding, playing touch or flag football in the NFL, comparing the sides in the lockout to flapjacks and griddles. Give Rex credit, but he smiled his way through it, even if he did at some point say "I'm afraid to answer" in response to one of the off-the-wall questions that came his way, including "Is everyone in the family named after a dog?"


Let's just say I can't see New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin keeping his sense of humor had he been sitting in Ryan's seat.