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2011 MLB All-Star Voting: What? You Were Expecting Some Mets?

Major League Baseball released the first batch of results for the All-Star game on Tuesday and it is shaping up to provide a lot of fun races that will go down to the wire.  None of those races, however, are likely to involve any member of the New York Mets.

Of all position players, shortstop Jose Reyes and third baseman David Wright -- third and fourth, respectively -- are the only players that are even sitting in the Top 5.  If Reyes is still playing in New York when the All-Star game rolls around on July 12th, he will likely be the lone representative for the Mets as a reserve due to his hot start.

While no one expected the below-.500 Mets to dominate voting, it is surprising that someone like Freddie Freeman of the Braves is sitting fifth at first base instead of the injured Ike Davis.  The same can be said for Carlos Beltran, currently eighth in the outfield, despite leading New York in HRs and RBI while playing more games than everyone but Reyes.

In what is a tough season for Mets fans to get excited about much, here is something: Justin Turner as a write-in at second base.

Due to his status as a Rule 5 pick, the departed Brad Emaus is the player you can vote for at second base for the Mets.  Instead of clicking and sending his name, go for the bottom of your ballot and write in the red head so he can have a shot to make the trip to Chase Field in Phoenix!

Voting is open until June 30 at 11:59pm on or, with fans able to vote up to 25 times.