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BREAKING NEWS: Atlanta Thrashers Sold, Move To Winnipeg Imminent

According to Bob McKenzie of The Sporting Newsthe Atlanta Spirit Group sold the Atlanta Thrashers to the True North group, completing a sale reported several weeks ago.

True North will return hockey to Winnipeg, a city that lost its team 15 years ago.

The Thrashers will be re-named but compete in the Southeast Division this season. The league will wait until next year to re-align the divisions.

All local teams will travel to Winnipeg twice this season. New Jersey Devils' center Travis Zajac, a Winnipeg native, was excited about the prospect of playing in his hometown.

"Just because I have a lot of friends and family back there who have never really seen me play," Zajac told Tom Gulitti of The Bergen Record. "To be able to play there would be kind of cool. The fans there really enjoy the game. They miss their NHL team, that's for sure, so I think it would be exciting for both the fans and myself going back there."

The organization, formerly named the Jets, will vote on a new team name.