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2011 NBA Draft: Nets Simply Searching For Best Available Players

There is still plenty of basketball to be played in the NBA Playoffs, but for teams like the New Jersey Nets who are on the outside looking in, it's all about the 2011 NBA Draft.

Much like the current NFL labor situation, any form of work stoppage could limit player movement, putting even more emphasis on the draft.  Specifically for the Nets, the newest member of the team Deron Williams has said that in order to keep him in New Jersey very simply "we have to get some players".

If the lottery holds true, the Nets pick will be the sixth overall.  However, that pick was shipped to Utah as part of the trade that brought Williams to the Garden State. GM Billy King does, however, own the Los Angeles Lakers first-round selection this year as well as his own second rounder. 

While finding an impact player at the end of the the first and early part of the second isn't easy in a normal year, it will be even more difficult considering the weak crop of prospects. Williams and the rest of the Nets won't want to hear about a lack of depth in the draft, they just want players who can help New Jersey get back to the playoffs.

You hear a lot about taking the best player available -- of BPA -- in every sport, but some teams would rather chase potential than immediate impact. The Nets will take the BPA no matter what position that happens to be. Before you scoff, remember that Sundiata Gaines, Ben Uzoh and Mario West all played big minutes at one point or another down the stretch. 

Between now and draft night, we will be keeping track of players that King and the Nets should be targeting.

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