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Jets' GM Mike Tannenbaum Non-Committal On Randy Moss

New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum refused to address Randy Moss to the Jets rumors on Thursday during an appearance on ESPN 101 in St.Louis with Zach and the Coach (Rick Venturi).

"Obviously I can’t address any specific rumor. Again our goal is to try to keep as many players together. We’re fortunate. We have a great owner in Mr.Johnson and a great partner with Rex Ryan. The three of us kick around scenarios all the time and always come out and let’s make the best decision for the Jets. We’ll see who we are able to keep when there is a new agreement down the road in terms of who we will have rights to and who we won’t and then we’ll go from there and try to make the best decisions."

Sports Radio Interviews has the full transcript of Tannenbaum's remarks. The GM also addressed the development of quarterback Mark Sanchez and the portrayal of coach Rex Ryan on 'Hard Knocks.'