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Sanchez Thinks Edwards and Holmes Will Be Back

In a Wednesday interview with the NFL Network, New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez expressed confidence in General Manager Mike Tannenbaum's ability to bring Braylon Edwards, Santonio Holmes, and Brad Smith back next year --

"I think that’s what Mike Tannenbaum does best and he’s the best GM in football. Mr. [Woody] Johnson, that’s part of his job. And Rex, that’s keeping all of us together. He wants the offense to run smooth, he wants us to pick up where we left off and to do that, we need all of our guys back. I think that would be the best-case scenario."

It is nice to hear such confidence from Sanchez, but it would be just about a miracle if Tannenbaum could somehow find a way to get all three back. Considering the Jets just drafted two wide receivers and apparently do have a legitimate interest in Randy Moss, it sounds like the organization is prepared for the reality of one or two of them leaving.

Also in the interview, Sanchez revealed the Jets are planning to have a full team "lockout camp" this June. It is good to hear to the entire team will be together and that Sanchez is taking the lead to make sure it happens. We are going to need some type of news in June that isn't related to court hearings.