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NFL Coaches Association Files Brief Against NFL Lockout

The NFL Coaches Association is the latest group to file what is called an ‘amicus brief’ with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals against the NFL Lockout.

The full brief can be found here. It reads in part:

“New coaches especially need time with players, which is why league rules normally permit new coaching staffs to organize two additional minicamps with players over the summer. This offseason, NFL teams hired an unusually large number of new head coaches with no previous head coaching experience, each of whom-along with their assistants-face a steep learning curve and desperately need this time to prepare their teams.”

“The lockout, if left in force, will prevent the coaches from meaningfully preparing and readying themselves for the season. While all coaches will be exposed to greater risk of failure, the eight teams with new coaching staffs are at particular risk. Since unforgiving expectations for immediate results will persist regardless of any lack of opportunity to prepare, these eight coaching staffs are losing irreplaceable time to prepare for a job that demands success.”

Oral arguments on the NFL’s appeal are to be heard by the Circuit Court on June 3.