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Morning Coffee! Yankees Up, Mets Down

Good morning, New York/New Jersey sports fans! This is Opposite Day for New York Yankees and New York Mets fans, as their teams are headed in vastly different directions.

Yankees Rally For Walk-Off Victory: The Yankees scored two runs in the eighth inning and two more in the ninth inning to rally for a 5-4 victory over Toronto Tuesday night. Most impressively for the Yankees, the late-inning rally was accomplished without benefit of a home run.

Mets Get Blown Out By Cubs, 11-1: The Mets dropped their third straight game. With owner Fred Wilpon's recent criticisms and comments about the franchise 'bleeding cash' all of those good feelings from the Mets reaching .500 just a few days ago have been washed away. This franchise is a mess, and it isn't likely getting better any time soon.

Mixed Martial Arts: Should The Sport Be Sanctioned In New York?: The State Senate is OK with it. The State Assembly probably still is not. Whether you are a fan of the sport or not, its popularity is huge and it seems a shame that Madison Square Garden cannot host an MMA event.

2011 NBA Draft Coverage: The NBA Draft is around the corner, and we offer reviews of SB Nation's latest mock draft selections for the New York Knicks (Klay Thompson, G, Washington State) and the New Jersey Nets (Isaiah Thomas, G, Washington).

Important Draft For Mets: The Mets have lot of issues, as we know. They need young talent for the future, and there isn't a whole lot in their minor-league system at the moment. That makes the upcoming MLB Draft an important one for the franchise.