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New York Jets Free Agency Rumors: Big Names, Big Decisions

The Daily News is reporting today that the New York Jets have a genuine interest in pursuing free agent wide receiver Randy Moss, in the likely occurrence of them not being able to re-sign both Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes. Rex Ryan has never been shy about admitting his fondness for Moss and apparently he still believes he has the ability to stretch a defense. The reasoning behind his thinking is likely derived from watching Moss beat both Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie deep for touchdowns this past season.

Moss makes more sense as a replacement for Edwards than Holmes, considering his size and that he would fit better at split end (where Edwards takes the majority of reps) than he would in the slot. Moss isn't as physical as Edwards and is coming off a much worse season. Yet, he could provide a viable short-term replacement, especially if he comes on an affordable contract and is motivated properly to prove that he isn't finished yet.

Despite their free agency issues on the defensive side of the ball, most notably in the secondary. Most of the attention on the Jets free agency will be linked to how they handle their two big name receivers. Depending on how the new Collective Bargaining Agreement is worked out, Holmes could be a restricted free agent. Yet, he has already gone on record saying he wants a long term contract and would not play under a tender...

If this lockout ever ends, it will be interesting to see how the Jets handle their own big names, in conjunction with pursuing new additions.