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New York Jets Free Agency Rumors: No Plaxico Burress?

The latest rumors surrounding soon to be released from prison, wide receiver Plaxico Burress, is that the New York Jets aren't likely to pursue him, with the Philadelphia Eagles becoming the most recent front-runners.

Burress could be another short term option to replace Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes if either leaves in free agency. Although, similar to Randy Moss, Burress makes more sense as a replacement for Edwards considering his size and the type of game he plays. Edwards has recently expressed his desire to stay with the team, yet again, this time citing his growing closeness to quarterback Mark Sanchez.  

Edwards has endeared himself to fans in the past year with his improved consistency on the field and outspoken desire to remain with the Jets. It remains to be seen if he can work out a contract, despite him mentioning the possibility of taking a hometown discount.