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Sports Fans Coalition Files Brief In Support Of Players

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A not-for-profit group called the Sports Fans Coalition today filed a brief with the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals supporting NFL players in their legal fight with owners to end the NFL Lockout.

A statement issued by the group read:

“The best chance for NFL football this fall is if the owners are not allowed to lock out the players. We are not taking a position on how owners and players divide billions of dollars in revenue. But given the massive public investment in the game, the best result of this case is if the courts knock out the lockout.”

The brief, which you can read here, says in part:

Whether the owners’ boycott lowers the quality of the2011 season by preventing fans’ favorite clubs from integrating new talentduring this summer, or disrupts or even eliminates the season if the boycottfails to achieve the desired concessions from players, injunctive relief is essential to sports fans.