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NFL Lockout 2011: Giants, Jets Both Express Optimism About NFL Season

The New York Giants and New York Jets organizations seem to have spent a lot of time recently sniping at each other, mostly over boastful remarks by Jets coach Rex Ryan. Today, though, the organizations have found some common ground. Members of both sides are expressing optimism that the NFL labor dispute will be resolved and football will go on as scheduled this fall.

Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty said while making an appearance at the 18th annual Gridiron Gala that there will "definitely" be football this fall. Canty was being hored for his charitable work.

"[The labor dispute] will definitely be settled. There will be a football season" Canty said.

"The fans don't have to worry about that. We're going to have football this fall, and we're going to try and put the quality product on the field that they are used to seeing come September."

Well, Chris fans do worry about it. With the clock ticking and both sides still bickering and waiting for court rulings, fans definitely worry about it.

Jets owner Woody Johnson also expressed optimism Wednesday, saying he hoped the recent Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling granting a permanent stay of the lockout would be the impetus to get negotiations moving.

"Hopefully this will get us back to the negotiating table faster," Johnson said tonight at the Sports Business Journal's annual Sports Business Awards dinner. "The sooner we can get back and actually talk to the players. I miss the players. I like talking to them. So let's get a deal done. ...

"When we sit down at the table this time, it will be different, hopefully, from the last time," Johnson said. "And we will actually sit down and hammer something out."