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Poll: More Fans Blame Owners Than Players For NFL Lockout

A new national poll by Suffolk University has found that 32 percent of respondents blame the owners for the current NFL Lockout, while just 19 percent put responsibility on the players.

The poll surveyed 1,070 people. There were 30 percent of respondents who said they were undecided.

Here are some other findings from the poll:

- Thirty-four percent of those asked said they would return to watching games with the same enthusiasm when play begins, even if games are lost.
- Eighteen percent said they would have less enthusiasm for the NFL is games are lost to the work stoppage.
- Only six percent of respondents said they would stop watching the NFL completely.

In truth, it is difficult to tell exactly how fans will react if and when games actually are lost. Right now that is a hypothetical question. The lockout, of course, will remain in place while the NFL’s current appeal is heard in the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals.