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NFL Lockout Will Stay In Place As 8th Circuit Court Grants Permanent Stay

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has granted the NFL’s request for a permanent stay of District Court Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling lifting the NFL Lockout, meaning the lockout will remain in place during the league’s appeal of Nelson’s ruling.

The appeal to the Court of Appeals is scheduled to be heard beginning on June 3.

Reaction to the ruling is coming in fast and furious via Twitter. While it can be frustrating for fans to have the lockout messing, maybe this ruling is not a bad thing.

From Albert Breer of the NFL Network:

The ruling on the appeal is a major, major leverage point for each side that could spark crucial negotiating period in July.

From Chris Mortenson of ESPN:

Court was about leverage; it now swings in owners favor but many owners are nervous & want a deal done. Players now have to get a deal done.

One more from Breer, which might indicate that the Circuit Court is inclined to overturn Nelson’s ruling:

“We have serious doubts that the district court had jurisdiction to enjoin League’s lockout..”

Short-term, this means no OTA, mini-camps … no football. Long-term, this ruling appears to swing the balance of power. Maybe that results in a deal that will give us on-time football. Let’s hope.