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NFL Lockout 2011: Still No Ruling On Stay

Another day, more silence from the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals in regards to the motion for a full stay of the ruling lifting the NFL Lockout pending. Pro Football Talk reports that with the hearing on the NFL’s appeal of Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling lifting the lockout just three weeks away the court may not rule at all on the motion.

Don’t you just love legal games? Makes you wonder how we will ever get back to having football games.

In other lockout/legal business players are asking for $707 million in damages in the television dispute with the league. That request was made Thursday in front of U.S. District Judge David Doty.

Finally, our friends at have chimed in with the cheery news that the current NFL work stoppage is now the longest in league history.

Thank you, Roger. Thank you, DeMaurice. The league is at a zenith in terms of popularity and revenue, and you put fans through this? Nice work, fellas.