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NFL Lockout Update: John Mara Back At Bargaining Table

Maybe New York Giants co-owner John Mara can help get NFL owners and players back on the path toward settle the ongoing NFL labor dispute. Mara will be one of the NFL owners at the table when the sides meet in a mediation session Monday in Minneapolis. He missed the last round of the negotiations while on jury duty.

Mara was seen as a key member of the negotiating committee during early rounds of talks with players. Other NFL owners attending the session will be Carolina's Jerry Richardson, Cincinnati's Mike Brown and Pittsburgh's Art Rooney.

With the mediated session approaching, there are still many legal matters to be sorted out.

Both sides are still waiting for a ruling from the Eight Circuit Court of Appeals as to whether the temporary stay it granted putting the lockout back in place will be turned into a full stay pending the league's appeal of the decision by Judge Susan Nelson originally lifting the lockout.

In addition, a hearing will be held today in Minneapolis in front Judge David Doty on the television lockout insurance case. Pro Football Talk has the details.