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Tiger Woods: What Do You Want Him To Do?

Tiger Woods tees off this morning in The Masters tournament. We all know Tiger's tale. A 14-time champion in major events, had some personal issues, hasn't won in the last gazillion tournaments or so that he has played. Question is, can he win this one? Do you want him to win this one?

Everybody seems to have a different opinion of what they want from Tiger. Do they want him to succeed or fail? No matter, though, Woods is still the major story. And, from this perspective, golf is better and far more interesting, when Tiger is at the top.

So, a poll for you this morning. As the seemingly de-clawed Tiger begins his quest to show that he still has an opportunity to break Jack Nicklaus' record of 18 major championships, what do you want him to do? Win? Fail spectacularly? Be in contention on Sunday?

What do you want to see from Woods this weekend?