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NFL Labor Dispute: Judge Won't Rule Immediately

U.S. District Court Judge Susan Nelson listened to arguments from NFL players and owners Wednesday regrading whether or not the NFL Lockout should remain in place, then said she would rule in a “couple of weeks.”

In the meantime we are left with spinning by both sides, conjecture, reading between the lines and whole lot of guess work about what the judge will do. Will she side with the players, requiring NFL owners to lift the lockout and guaranteeing that there will be football in the fall? Will she side with the owners, taking away much of the players’ leverage and endangering the 2011 season?

Nelson suggest that the two sides get back to the bargaining table while they await her ruling. Certainly, both sides will spend time the next couple of weeks talking about how that is a good idea. It seems unlikely, though.

Want football in the fall? Root for Nelson to rule in favor of the players.