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Morning Coffee! Knicks Moving Up

Good morning, New York/New Jersey-area sports fans! As we do every weekday morning we are going to take our first look at the regional sports scene. Today. though, you have also stepped into the SB Nation New York laboratory, and I'm going to experiment with a slightly different format. Here goes.

Knicks 97, 76ers 92: Knicks Blow Big Lead But Hold On To Pass Sixers In Standings

The New York Knicks moved into sixth place in the Eastern Conference standings by defeating Philadelphia Wednesday night. The Knicks let a 19-point lead evaporate, but managed to win. I have two comments. First, I know Carmelo Anthony scored 31 points, but the guy is an incredibly selfish offensive player. The ball goes to him and it just stops, he is going to shoot it unless he absolutely can't. Second, the Knicks "reward" for moving into sixth if the playoffs started today would be a match-up with the Miami Heat. The way the currently second-seeded Boston Celtics are playing (not real well) that would be a better match-up for the Knicks.

Brook Lopez Scores Career High, Nets Still Lose To Pistons 116-109

Here is a question even non-basketball fans should be able to answer. When a player has a career-high 39 points with more than nine minutes to play in a close game is it a good idea to keep giving him the ball? Umm ... YES! Well, the New Jersey Nets apparently thought otherwise Wednesday night.

Mike Pelfrey Delivers Another Clunker, Lasts Two Innings In Mets 10-7 Loss To Phillies

Pelfrey is, supposedly, the best starting pitcher the Mets have. Apparently, somebody forgot to tell him that means he is supposed to pitch well.

Masters Golf Tournament 2011: Tournament Tees Off Thursday Morning

Tiger? Phil? One of the top Europeans? Who will win The Masters? SB Nation New York will do our best to keep you informed over the next few days as we find out.