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Breaking News: Ryan Callahan Has A Broken Ankle, Expected To Miss The Remainder Of The Year

According to multiple sources the New York Rangers winger Ryan Callahan broke his ankle blocking a Zdeno Chara shot last night. 

Some of the tweets rolling around the net: 

TSNBobMcKenzie: I am hearing NYR Ryan Callahan has a broken ankle, courtesy of a blocked Zdeno Chara shot last night.    

@TSNBobMcKenzie: No idea on timeline for Callahan. Timelines go out the window at this time of year. A break is better than a sprain. Still not good, tho.    

@stevezipay: NYR will update Callahan (leg) condition soon. Not expecting good news. 

@AGrossRecord: Heading to Rangers media availability now. Unfortunately, sounding like Callahan injury rumor may be accurate.    

It seems more than likely Callahan is done for the year. 

This is a massive blow to the New York Rangers, who are coming off their best win of the year last night over the Boston Bruins. Callahan is one of the biggest cogs in this team, and his heart on the ice is evident every shift. He's also added a significant amount of offense for the Rangers this season with 23 goals and 25 assists on the year. 

Word from Andrew Gross is that the Rangers might try Matt Gilroy on the wing to replace Callahan. 

More when we know it.